transform-social is about the possibilities of transforming into more social, more solidary, more free, and less coercive societies.

The Anarchist Economics FAQ answers questions about the issues of current economies and how small- and large-scale anarchist economies would work.

Transform into free and solidary societies is an overview article including criticism of existing societies, characteristics for free and solidary societies, and ideas on how to get there.

transform-social icon Criticism

Why do we need transformation? What are the problems of current societies and economic systems? The criticism of the existing is a good starting point for problem analysis and a source of motivation.

Capitalism clearly doesn't work. It does not meet the needs of the people and is in permanent crisis.

Capitalism leads to military conflicts, which is criticized in Antimilitarism.

Capitalism is also one cause of Racism, which is interwoven in many layers of our current society. This has to change.

Challenging the one true love speculates about how capitalism profits from heteronormative relationships.

transform-social icon Utopias

What could transformations develop into? What would more free and more solidary societies be like? Here, Utopias are defined as feasible and constantly developing concepts to give orientation to the transformation.

CyberSyn describes the cybernetic ideas for the economy of Chile in 1971-1973.

Tools for Emancipatory Societies is a lengthy text about the requirements and tools for free and solidary societies.

transform-social icon Steps towards Transformation

How can we strive towards utopias? How can the transformation happen?

We don't have to wait for the revolution. We can and should start living the ideas of utopia in the current society as best as possible, thus creating building blocks (both infrastructure and capabilities) that support a successful transformation. This is sometimes referred to as prefigurative politics and sometimes just lived.

Some examples:

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